This one stop conference will help you with that! 

Do you want to learn from reputable specialists in ADHD?

You have access to speakers on ADHD!  You will pay hundreds of dollars to have a 30 - 45 minute consultation with ADHD specialists, here you can see them in one spot and have the questions you have answered!  

Over 2 days - one for teachers and one for parents -  you will get access to all of these specialists.    

If you are both a teacher and a parent then why not come to both!  
  • Do you worry that you don't really know how to cope?
  • Do you want to learn some additional strategies?
  • Do you want the opportunity to consider strategies that you may not have considered?
This conference will show you all of this and more!
  • Do you want more effective programs in the classroom
  • Do you want to learn some additional strategies just for students with ADHD?
  • Would you like to take home behaviour strategies that will make it easier in the classroom. 
This conference will show you all of this and more!


Early Bird Pricing will see you get an entire day with ADHD specialists for less than the price of one appointment!   

Minimal Fortnight payments available! 

If you are a teacher you can earn your Continuing Education Points as well!  


When:   Friday 24th August, 2018       - 8.30am - 5pm.    (Teachers Day) 
                  Saturday 25th August, 2018 - 8.30am - 5pm.    (Parent/Carers Day)

Where:  Raymond Terrace Bowls Club
                   2 Jacaranda Ave
                   Raymond Terrace

Morning & Afternoon Tea Provided.   Please supply your own lunch. 

See the video below from our previous conferences.  Learn more now but hurry the early bird pricing is strictly limited!  

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Check out our last ADHD conference

A short video outline our previous conference. 

Parents - Topics and Speakers
Saturday 25th August, 2018
Paula Burgess - ADHD Coach 

How to get more from your ADHD Child

Paula is an ADHD Coach, Advocate and Support person to Parents and children affected by ADHD.  Paula will provide you with strategies to help identify what works with your child and get the answers you need from them.  Say goodbye to the standard          "I don't know" reply.
Deborah Fay - Emotional Resiliance Counsellor 

Raising Emotionally Resilient Children 

Deborah will advise us about how to help children "grow up" and manage their emotions more effectively so that they, and everyone around them can have a more productive and more enjoyable experience at home and at school.

Allison Haynes - Psychologist

Advocacy for your child in the school and health professions

Allison will be discussing the different support options available in various school.  She will be simplying the disability and education acts with parents rights and what to do when the school won't come on board. You will also walk away with knowing how to choose the right health professional for you and be prepared for your meetings. 

Parents - Topics and Speakers
Saturday 25th August, 2018
Ruth Fellowes - Nutritionist 
What's Eating your Child?  Using Biomed to bring calm and balance.

Just what IS Biomed and how can it help my child? Learn why certain nutrient deficiencies can be problematic and why food intolerances could be affecting your child’s focus, attention and learning. Get an overview of metabolic quirks like pyrroluria, methylation and MTHFR defects, heavy metals, leaky gut, blood sugar imbalances and chronic viral infections. What do these even mean and why they might be worth investigating. 
Sally Poulton - Paediatrician

Why does my child have to be so difficult?

Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton is a Paediatrician and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney.  Dr Poulton will provide us with illustrations about how the ADHD brain functions and the challenges our children have.  Dr Poulton will talk provide some management advice for ADHD and educate us on stimulant medication and how it is used.

Michelle Newby - Occupational Therapist

Getting the right fit for kids with ADHD at home.

Michelle is an Occupational Therapist with 20 years’ experience working with children and families in Australia and around the world.  Her presentation will cover the sensory processing challenges that many children with ADHD face in their daily life. She will discuss simple strategies that parents can use to in the home to support their child’s sensory systems. These simple strategies may be helpful in supporting your child to be more calm and feel more in control of themselves.”

Teachers - Speakers & Topics
Friday 24th August, 2018

Paula Burgess 
ADHD Coach 

Tips for a More Harmonious Classroom

Having a child or children with ADHD in the classroom can have its challenges.   Paula is an ADHD Coach who work with children who have ADHD and their parents.  Paula's talk will discuss what ADHD is and what strategies you can implement in the classroom to make learning more successful for you and your student.

Deborah Fay
Emotional Resiliance Counsellor

The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher

Deborah will discuss how to bounce back quickly from the challenges associated with teaching special needs children and know you are modelling resilience for your students at the same time. 

Allison Haynes

Neurobiology of ADHD and strategies that cater to the ADHD brain

Allison will talk about the science of ADHD and how the brain function works for your students and the effect of learning.   You will walk away with evidence based strategies and that you will be able to implement into the classroom.  You will have a much better understanding of ADHD and how the brain works to support your student with ADHD. 

Ruth Fellowes 

Building a Sharper Brain through 5 Key Interventions

Children don’t have to have a diagnosis to be struggling at school. Learn what are the metabolic handbrakes that can be affecting any child’s ability to focus on task and relate to other children and adults, and become aware of the common metabolic, neurological and nutritional drivers for paediatric disorders.  Recognise the signs of nutrient deficiencies in the children in your care and have the confidence to discuss this with parents. 

Teachers - Speakers & Topics
Friday 24th August, 2018

Sally Poulton

Why it is important not to misdiagnose an angry child as Autistic

Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton is a Paediatrician and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Dr Poulton will provide us with a framework for conceptualising ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder. She will use this to predict and explain the types of problems and challenges our children have and approaches to management.  She will also explain the association with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and how the difficult behaviour may serve a function for the child.   Educators will be shown the model for ADHD/ODD and understand why it is important to recognise ODD behaviour as a pointer to ADHD not ASD. 

Zina Brkljaca
Specialist Special Needs Teacher

How to Help a Child With ADHD in the Mainstream Classroom - Practical Ideas

Zina will give you an insight into strategies, support and interventions that teachers use when identifying and educating children who have ADHD and catering for their behavioural and instructional needs. You will walk away methods to manage student anger, frustration and poor emotional regulation. It will also show you examples of how to create a positive classroom environment and use visual and auditory cues to assist children with ADHD. There will be ideas on how to get the students' attention and maintain their participation in the classroom as well as giving you examples of a variety of SMART goals needed to write an IAP (Individual Adjustment Plan), along with an example of an IAP and a Positive Behaviour Plan. 

What our past attendees have said ?

Here are some comments from our last conference held in Brisbane, June 2017. 

The quality and variety of the speakers was amazing.  I'm going back to my school with information to help the learning support, classroom teachers and the parents.  Thank you.  



Everyone was so passionate, which made it interesting. Having access to a large range of professionals in one spot was great. 



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